Where have the attractions gone?

A WET Bank Holiday in Eastbourne, so what shall we do?

We do not want to stay in our hotel all day, and shops are not appealing; in any case the Arndale Centre has a great number which have closed down.

I know! We’ll put on our wet weather gear and walk up to the Wish Tower. We can have a good cup of coffee there and a bun, and can sit in comfort and have a good old gossip.

What’s this? It is due for demolition. There will not be a permanent replacement for at least two years. You are joking.

Well we can at least sit under cover in the Bandstand. We will at least be getting some sea air.

I don’t believe it! The Bandstand has just closed for repairs, which may last until the end of June.

Why didn’t they find out this was necessary in the autumn?

What have the councillors been doing all this winter? Holidaying abroad? Well I am moving on from Eastbourne. There are no attractions left here.

I’ll sit in the Pavilion in Bexhill with a coffee and then go home.

Eastbourne is sinking fast. Hard hat will be required, not sun hats. There are a couple of good hotels, but making a trip is not worth the cost of the petrol.

I am sorry for the residents. I am sorry for holidaymakers, especially those paying a return visit. I am sorry but in future I shall visit a coastal resort where I am sure I shall be welcome.


Lindfield Road