Where have all the road sweepers gone? Eastbourne is starting to look like an eyesore

Road sweepers
Road sweepers

From: Carol Kingdom

Lindfield Road

Since Christmas I have been wondering where the road sweepers have gone,

I say this very loosely because I rarely see a broom being used.

Down Lindfield Road there is a lot of rubbish that has not been cleared away.

I do pick up rubbish around my house, and I have seen a neighbour who lives near Parkfield Avenue picking up rubbish.

Have we been forgotten?

Also the glass bins were full and bottles stacked around before eventually they were cleared, this was about two weeks after Christmas.

However, there is still broken glass around the bin area.

I am aware this is due to people being lazy and not taking their litter home, or disposing in proper bins.

However, we do pay our council tax for this purpose.

It is beginning to look like an eyesore.