Where else could you move buses?

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I wholeheartedly agree with Robin Carey’s letter of July 29 regarding Diesel Alley.

Where could you have a better place for the buses to meet in the town centre? Wherever you move them to you will still have diesel fumes and at least it is now right in the centre of town.

The loss of High Street shops is due to the general public as well as high rents and rates.

Because they don’t have a big turnover they must charge a little more than those with a huge turnover (and I am not denigrating the supermarkets in this). If the public are unable to pay this extra then the small shops will have to close – it’s the old story – use it or lose it! The public must choose.

The parking charges certainly don’t help matters. They add to the cost of going to the town centre shops as opposed to the outlying ones with their own (free) car parks.

The Lib Dems got into power in 2006 by saying they would get rid of parking charges, knowing full well that it was in the hands of the county council.

It is always assumed that a new shopping centre and more shops would make for a vibrant town centre. Where is the cash coming from to buy the goods in these marvellous shops?

I certainly cannot afford to buy more than I now do. If other costs are cut, like rent and rates, and parking charges done away with there might be a future for a refurbished (but not brand new) town centre.

Lynton Morrish

Victoria Drive.