Where does MP stand on issues?

I WAS grateful that the Herald published my letter titled ‘Tell us what you stand for, Stephen’ in the September 7 edition.

Regrettably the letter was ignored by Mr Lloyd.

I hardly think that this was the right response from our local MP who gains considerable publicity from the Herald every week but on this occasion decided to leave the voters of Eastbourne in the dark as to his true intentions.

We have a ludicrous situation within the Coalition government since Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, has proved to be anti-business with several of his actions and suggestions.

Nick Clegg talks of a reforms to the House of Lords but is quite content to support the EU controlling bodies, whilst the aforementioned and other Liberals show their strong left-wing desire to have a Mansion Tax, retain the 50 per cent rate of tax and tax further those with any form of wealth or wealth earners who at the same time create productivity coupled with jobs.

So once again, Mr. Lloyd, where do you stand on these and the other issues I raised? You cannot ignore Eastbourne voters for ever.

Perhaps you can also let us know who is paying for all of your legal expenses in the case with Mr Waterson?

You or the Liberal Democrat Party? Here again we are entitled to know.


South Cliff.