Where do Eastbourne councillors think council tax rise cash will come from? A money tree?

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From: D. Hartfield

The Crescent, Old Town

Firstly, how can our councillors agree to an increase again in council tax?

Where do they think the money will come from, a money tree?

We are too old now to earn any money, so something else will have to go.

Cannot afford to pay £50 for green waste, it will have to go toward the council increase.

No wonder there are thousands more on universal credit and benefits.

How can ESCC cut £5 million from its budget, what are we getting for our services now?

Nothing, we don’t see extra police.

We in Old Town have not seen or heard of a human street cleaner for about two years especially up my road.

We get a cleaner lorry, but it is the pavements that need attention.

Over Autumn and Xmas, the streets were full of piles of leaves and litter, it was banked up against the walls, but never got swept up.

It was left to the wind and rain to disperse it.

We should all stick together and only pay for services we are getting, not pay more for services we do not get, it’s all take and no give.

But there is only so much one can give, hence why so many are on universal credit or benefits.

We not only get robbed on our streets, we get robbed by our councils.

It is the public’s right to expect value for our money, not to be taken advantage of, and used as a cash cow.