Where are the good Samaritans in Eastbourne?

Today, whilst heading to the railway station, a substantial elderly man tripped and fell forward heavily outside the HSBC bank.

His face had taken some of the impact, as he was carrying groceries at the time and he was bleeding on my coat which I had put under his head.

Unsure of his injuries I called the ambulance service, and for eight or nine minutes was barraged by a list of questions which amounted to my doing a clinical assessment of his condition, before help was dispatched.

Before the call ended, a paramedic team arrived by chance and commenced treatment. In the meantime, the fortuitous presence of Dave Nott, a local volunteer lifeguard, and myself, were all that stood between zero support for this man in clear distress. Another local friend who attended the DGH for an electrocardiograph this past week, was faced with an overworked nurse attempting to fulfil tasks and workloads normally undertaken by two.

In the face of massive local protest, and in spite of the intervention of our excellent local MP Stephen Lloyd, these services and facilities are in serious decline.

Take care then my friends. Don’t fall or be ill in Eastbourne for help is not at hand.