Where are the dog poo bins?

As a dog owner and responsible citizen I get rather annoyed at all the vigilantes pointing fingers at the ‘awful’ dog walkers who don’t bag it and bin it.

Personally I would never dream of not bagging my dog’s poo, as far as I am concerned it is part of owning a dog.

However I also understand that it is far from ideal having to walk your dog around looking for a bin to put the poo bag in.

Some responsibility must fall on the council to provide the necessary facilities to dispose of dog waste.

Nobody wants to take their dog on an hour long walk and have to carry the poo bag with them for that whole time because of a lack of bins.

I believe that if you look closer at the stories printed in the paper about dog waste issues -–for example the one about issues in Atlantic Drive – you would discover that dog waste bins are few and far between in those areas.

I know that there is a real lack of bins in the main harbour area, where many people bring their dogs to walk, it is not a coincidence that this is also an area with a dog waste problem.

Personally I live in Wealden and have emailed various council departments asking for additional dog waste bins to be placed down the A22 and on South Road, currently many people use the rubbish bin on the corner of Arlington Road East as there are no other bins in the area. That is far from being a sanitary option though.

My response from the council was as follows “At present the Town Council has a policy of placing dog bins only on its own land. This is partly due to the costs involved in installing and maintaining dog bins, but also due to the practical considerations, as we do receive many requests for other dog bins.”

This makes it clear that dog owners are keen to clean up after their dogs but that it is not always made easy by the council.

Perhaps the Council could work with those complaining about dog waste issues to come to an agreement about where additional dog waste bins can be located?

This can only help act as a way forward to resolving the issues for all parties. Simply moaning at dog owners without looking further into the issue won’t move this issue forward.


Arlington Road East.