When will toilets be refurbished?

I NOTICE the public toilets in Vicarage Field, Hailsham, have been closed since January.

As Hailsham is a growing town, why have they not been updated and opened again to the public? They are very necessary to young and old and especially to people who need to use the frequently.

We were told they were going to be refurbished and opened again when this work had finished.

This has not been done.

The only toilets available are those in the various cafes, which mean that people have to go in and have a coffee even if they do not want to, just to use them or go into Waitrose, which are often closed or out of order.

The other alternative is to cross the road to the Leisure Centre, which is not always convenient for disabled people who cannot walk properly or are in wheelchairs.

Surely it is not too much to ask to have those facilities open again soon? Would it cost so much to have the toilets repaired and given a lick of paint?

A lot of Hailsham residents feel that a lot of money has been spent on several projects that could have waited and the toilets given priority.


The Drive, Hailsham