When will link road ever happen?

LETTER to Stephen Lloyd MP: I am in receipt of an extract of Dft press release regarding the decision to delay the Bexhill to Hastings link road. I strongly believe that further delays will erode any possible regeneration of this area of East Sussex.

Any prosperity to Hastings and Bexhill will greatly help the prosperity of Eastbourne, especially in my/our case as my electrical contracting company also services the needs of Bexhill and Hastings.

These delays will further reduce the chance of this link extending to Eastbourne and beyond to Brighton.

These links have been in need for over 30 years. I recall reading announcements in the 80s of the Dover to Honiton routes to be improved. It seems not in my or your lifetime.

I urge you to push hard for this link to not only ease congestion but to bring much needed jobs to our area.


Clarence Road.