What this town needs is an ice rink

WE moved to Eastbourne from Surrey nearly two years ago. My 12-year-old daughter is an ice skater and, was being coached before school and at weekends.

Having commuted from Eastbourne to Guildford every weekend for a year, so that this can continue, the school circumstance has now changed and we can no longer do this. We have been told she has natural talent. This talent, sadly is now being wasted.

With the onset of Christmas we were blessed with Fort Fun, who were very kind in letting her do her stuff on their ice, and also a few trips to Brighton Outdoor Rink.

With the Olympics coming up and the concern over children not getting enough exercise I would think councils would welcome new opportunities to alleviate this.

It appears that there are others who are keen to see an ice rink here in Eastbourne.

It is known for its roller/inline skating, and as a tourist location wouldn’t it be another reason to make Eastbourne their destination.

Although we are the sunniest place in the UK, it doesn’t stop the British inclement weather.

Also being home to many schools, colleges, universities and language schools, this would be a way of keeping youngsters entertained.

It would be the first place to have an ice rink on the seafront - what a novelty! I’m happy to join up with anyone else who would be keen to see this happen, Liz Millar from Granville Road, and Patricia Langford from St Marys Road both suggested an ice rink in their correspondence. There must be more of you!


Upper Carlisle Road.