What’s wrong with being over 35?

I READ with interest the letter from a Herald reader about the role of mayor in a town. Yes, I looked it up, too, and saw that it was a specifically apolitical role. Theoretically.

However, to go back to a probably boring but necessary issue:

1. Councillor Heaps suggested a skate park in ‘Gilly’ (or Gildredge Park) when she was still only a councillor of Old Town. Gildredge Park/Manor Gardens are in Upperton Ward, not Old Town.

2. Councillor Heaps suggested to the YMCA boys - or so I read from details over the internet - which was one of her chosen charities, that when she became mayor, she could suggest this skate park.

3. While she was an Old Town councillor, it was entirely appropriate for Councillor Heaps to suggest Longland Road Rec. as a potential skate park. However, this was obviously not what she/the boys wanted.

4. While claiming the YMCA and also the elderly were her chosen charities, when mayor, Councillor Heaps chose one over the other.

5. Despite an ‘apolitical’ role as mayor, Councillor Heaps decided that Old Town boys (for the most part) were worth a great deal more than Upperton residents (and her appalling behaviour towards residents in opposition to her plans at the Upperton surgery in August is strong evidence). Apolitical must mean something very different to her than to the world in general.

I had believed democracy was something in which the LibDems were invested. Plainly, I was foolish.

Please, can someone explain to me why a majority must be reduced to nothing? Why what is common sense - that is, to provide facilities for young and old, without prejudice (including an equal opportunity for girls and boys, younger and older, such as basketball) - can be rendered irrelevant?

Are councillors so terrified of ‘boys’ and their testosterone that they must be appeased?

Do they love the young so much that the ‘old’ (eg all over 25 or so) must be ignored? Forget the ‘costa geriatrica’, bring on the ‘costa skateboardia’.

When, rather than if, the Hampden Park skate park is brought into action, will anyone ask why this is the choice of our council? Five skate parks in Eastbourne sounds a bit extreme.

There are girls, there are boys who don’t skate who have, or should have, an equal consideration.

Who are those people represented by our council?

This is a rotten borough. No one objects to fair shares. No one resents youth facilities.

But I think most of us, and those who pay for all those services, object to being ignored by reason of age.

What’s wrong with being over 35? Or 60? Does the council believe that Beachy Head is the only solution?

I hope next year we have an election for our mayor. At least that would produce a prospect of democracy.


Park Close