What’s wrong bucking the trend?

IN A world of conformity it is encouraging to realise every now and then that Eastbourne is prepared to buck the trend.

The slogan ‘everywhere else does it’ is seen refreshingly as insufficient.

For example, it would have been easy for the town to fall in with its sister resorts along the coast by allowing cycling along its seafront promenade. In stimulating non-conformist fashion, it resists.

So it should, despite the renewed appeal by Maria Bingham in the edition of April 15.

Some time ago another correspondent wrote of how much she would like the opportunity to cycle along the seafront.

Perhaps so, as probably would a number of motor cyclists and even a few car drivers so that they could avail themselves of the view.

But a promenade is just that; it is not a vehicular route.

I don’t know how many members of the Meads Community Association agree or disagree with Ms Bingham. That is beside the point.

There is a world of difference between establishing the fullest accommodation on all road networks for cyclists - a most laudable objective - and compromising the rights of those in areas designed exclusively for walking, with the one controlled exception of the Dotto train.

Edward Thomas

Collington Close