What’s the cost of theatre scaffolding?

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Open letter to the council

COULD you give me information on, or an explanation of, the scaffolding surrounding the theatre in Eastbourne?

It has been there for a considerable time, at a considerable cost, and no work is taking place.

Presumably there was originally a safety issue, but why has this not been addressed, and contracts distributed?

It cannot take too long to assess damage and arrange repair - but it does cost money to procrastinate and delay.

I would like to know:

1 What the cost is (that we are paying for) – ie per month and so far.

2 What the reason for the delay in a decision is.

3 When is resolution planned?

4 Will it be on the next council meeting’s agenda?

A large amount of money is being spent on an ongoing non-productive venture.

It is a time of financial stress and local charities work hard to raise money for distressed people and worthwhile causes.

Is it not shameful that the council puts money into an unresolved project?


Milton Crescent