What’s happened to postal service?

I WAS recently occasioned to purchase a book of 12 second class postage stamps and was asked for £6!

That means that each stamp cost me 50p (or ten shillings in Imperial currency).

Ten shillings is more than I was paid each week for my first job on leaving school at the beginning of the war!

It is accepted that the cost of all services (and goods) have increased considerably over the last 70 years and in most cases the services, or items, have improved in quality; but not so the postal services!

When I think what a postage stamp cost in the immediate post war years and the level of service it gave compared to the service now offered at an increasing cost of 80 times, the mind boggles!

In those years the postal service offered two deliveries a day (including Saturday), whereas now the service is half of that for eighty times the cost!

What has happened?


Bramber Close, Seaford