What price for an ice cream?

ARE WE being taken for a ride by our ice cream vendors? During the recent hot spell of weather, my wife and I fancied a soft ice cream cone.

While at Asda we noticed that there was an ice cream van selling cones for £1, but due to the volume of traffic were unable to stop safely to make a purchase, especially as there was a long queue of customers.

On our way home we made a detour to ‘Harbour Reach’ on Prince William Parade. There they were charging £2 for a soft ice cream cone.

On visiting Seaford on Saturday, after some shopping there, we sat along the Esplanade to enjoy our picnic, by an ice cream van. The price there was £1.50 and was doing excellent business.

On Bank Holiday Monday we visited Beachy Head and there were two ice cream vans in the car park charging £1.70.

Despite the warm sunshine and visitors to the area, they were doing very little business, which is most unusual.

If you have children with you they always want an ice cream, and the cost makes a considerable dent in your pocket.

I am reliably informed by someone in the trade, that the initial cost to provide an ice cream and cone from a machine is just 50p.

While I appreciate that the vendors have to pay a licence to trade and very much depends on good weather for increased sales, nearly £2 even with inflation etc is over the top, bearing in mind that last year you could obtain a soft ice cream cone for £1.20 almost anywhere.

As any businessman will tell you, keep your prices to a reasonable level and you are likely to do more business as against your competitors who don’t.

Perhaps our ice cream sellers think we are all stupid and have money to burn, and will be moaning at the end of the summer at the lack of sales. Whose fault is that?

You can go into the local supermarkets and purchase a box of six cones for not much more than you pay for one from a kiosk or van.

Peter Barker

Windermere Crescent.