What on earth is happening at Ramsay Walk

Can anyone explain what on earth is happening in Ramsay Way?

First of all, we noticed several brand new benches along the wide grass verges, well-spaced between bus stops which already had benches.

We thought that extravagant as there do not seem to be many walkers in Ramsay Way.

The next thing was road works for months. This eventually produced a narrowing of the road to half width near Wade Close, and several places with “access” (tactile paving) to the roadway.

Nowhere along this whole road is there an actual pedestrian crossing!

The next event was a series of large red stripes across the road. And now the latest event is a series of “speed bumps” sited either side of the narrowed roadway.

We have to assume that all this vast amount of money has been thrown away to allow school children attending the Haven School to cross the road .

Why could we not have had a normal pedestrian crossing with traffic lights or even a Lollipop Lady to see the children across this road ? The cost of this would probably be 1/10th of what has been spent making this road a total nightmare for motorists !

Even better, why didn’t they just close the road to all except residents – it would have saved the taxpayers a lot of money!


St Lucia Walk.