What next, cuts to bus passes?

Over recent months, people may have noticed a strange whizzing noise on their TV. This is not a technical problem, it’s the sound of Lib Dems tying themselves in knots, as they ditch all their former pledges and promises.

They attempt to justify this by talking very fast and not allowing interviewers to get a word in edgeways, Norman Baker and Danny Alexander being perfect examples. How Mr Baker has changed his tune!

Telling people they should be prepared to accept high rail fare increases to pay for new rolling stock, new high speed trains, etc, is ridiculous. I thought, in opposition, the aim was to get people off the roads as so he said!

Now another one, Paul Burstow, wants (as his Tory masters do) to restrict the Winter Fuel payment to the very poorest pensioners, with all the problems and anomalies means-testing brings, not to mention the expense, as pensioners circumstances change all the time - age, health, the home they live in, whether they have to employ domestic or other help, even which part of the country they live in and how severe the weather may be.

Being in the over 80 category for some years now, I’m particularly incensed. As I don’t get out much, don’t have a car, I’m frequently indoors 24/7 and need the heating on most of the time, as well as lighting, TV, cooking all my own meals, etc.

Since 2010 when this alliance got in, the over 80s like me have had £100 knocked off our heating allowance and no-one seemed to notice. What would be almost amusing if it were not so serious, is that the Lib Dems are the equivalent of the tethered goat, there to attract the flak and then if the Tories win the next election (heaven help us) by sufficient majority, then can be ditched – then watch what happens, back to beards and sandals, or fawning round Labour or even allying with Forage’s mob?

The trouble is, we older people always vote, and many stick to the same party no matter what. They are so busy courting the young families, particularly young women and ethnic people to try and get their votes, that they think we don’t really matter. How wrong they are! How do we know whom to vote for, especially here where the Tory and Lib Dems have effectively stitched us up between them? This Fuel Allowance is the thin end of the wedge – you’ll see – bus pass next? Bets anyone?

VIVIENNE BAIRD, Short Brow Close.