What is wrong with reservoirs?

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WHILE it is obvious that water conservation is required in the East and South East and one reason for this is the current dry spell which no doubt mother nature will take care of in due course, another reason is increased demand caused by changing lifestyles and increased population.

Once again it appears that the solution is to penalize ‘Joe Public’. Rather late in the day now but surely the water companies and Government should accept greater responsibility?

Why on earth have there been no new reservoirs built since 1975? I suppose it’s better to pay large bonuses to the water company CEOs and dividends to shareholders which no doubt can be justified by the plugging of a few leaks.

Why does the Environment Agency refuse permission for building new reservoirs? Surely Governments must realise the increase in population they seem to encourage in the East and South East needs the infrastructure?

Not rocket science. It would cost a lot less than the controversial new HS2 trainset, provide all sorts of business and leisure spin-offs, and have a positive long term environmental impact.

Any further house building and associated increase in population in areas with a water shortage should be scrapped until such time as there is a permanent solution to this problem. That means collecting the rain that falls and establishing a nationwide grid to transport the water from areas of plenty.


Chyngton Way, Seaford