What happened to the pothole emergency cash?

Potholes, a nuisance for drivers
Potholes, a nuisance for drivers
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I DON’T know if anyone can cast a light on the matter of the re-filling of potholes in the Eastbourne roads?

As far as I am aware the Government made available to all councils a specific amount of money to rectify some or all of these potholes.

I also believe the council is now in receipt of their portion of this money, so why aren’t they fixing the pothole problem? If the council has started this work it is not evident at the moment.

These potholes are an obvious nuisance to vehicle owners, they cause significant damage to cars constantly hitting them when driving, make driving uncomfortable for passengers.

And the roads look so awful they remind me of those on Top of the World Highway in the Yukon where the winters are annually so dreadful they cannot all be rectified before the next batch of winter weather approaches.

I would appreciate responses from anyone who knows far more than I do what is happening.

Sandra Ward

Cairngorm Close