What does trust status mean?

I understand that Ratton School is seeking Trust status.

What does that mean? If only someone could give us an explanation of the implications of such a drastic move, we could have some sort of debate.

What is behind it? Are there other schools changing their profile. Are we about to lose or gain any significant qualities in our education system?

We have already adopted academies and no one can tell right now whether they are going to flourish in the long term. I am inclined to believe that moving our schools into Trusts is a bad idea. Local authorities will continue to fund schools, OFSTED will continue to inspect them.

Businesses will be encouraged to sit on Boards of Governors. Why do the schools have to become for this to happen?

So it looks as though the changes are cosmetic, unless you consider that the Trusts becoming owners of the buildings and land is a quite unnecessarily radical step.

Why on earth does any school have to own the buildings and land? these are owned by the local authority on behalf of the community. Is this a move which could endanger open areas? We cannot let more open spaces disappear. At least we get a chance to hear the point of view on education from our local candidates for the councils.

Let us get a debate going before it is too late, we might find we have a McDonald school with all that that implies and the highest academic goal is to become a short order chef.

All our children should be given the opportunity to reach their highest possible academic success. Will Trusts do this?

Can anyone help to clarify to ordinary people what makes Trusts an improvement on our present system?

Jocelyn McCarthy

Dominica Court