What did the DGH chief executive tell HOSC?

At the present time, emergency stent treatment in the area is shared on an ‘on call’ basis between the DGH and the Conquest.

With the loss of emergency surgery from the DGH, would Mr Grayson like to confirm where the emergency stent treatment is to be carried out, as according to their 2011/2012 annual report the ambulance service still await final instruction.

As he has stated in previous correspondence that the closure of the CCU at the DGH ‘has never been contemplated’ could this be the removal of the first brick and another misleading statement.

In his discussions with HOSC did Mr Grayson inform them of the cost to reduce the ambulance waiting times at the Conquest by approx 35 per cent in early 2012 whilst the waiting times at the DGH were allowed to go up?

In his discussions with the HOSC did Mr Grayson inform them that by removing the emergency surgery and emergency orthopaedics from the DGH it would also lose ‘trauma unit’ status?


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