What December crime wave..?

I HAVE only lived in Brampton Road six months and I certainly did not witness the crime wave that occurred in December!

If anything our road is usually very quiet apart from the odd lorry that gets sent the wrong way by their sat nav.

We are a no through road with only foot access to the industrial estate.

The only anti-social behaviour I have seen is the inconsiderate parking of commuters who use the train station!

In the article Juliet Perry states that Brampton Road is a crime hotspot.

At this point I would like to highlight that only about 200 yards is actually residential the largest part is included within Hampden Park Industrial estate and as the information is confidential to say that Brampton Road is a residential crime hotspot is pure supposition and has no basis in fact.

Though I would be interested to know why Kings Drive is not considered a residential area?

The statistics show this road had a higher crime rate in December with over double the amount of violent crime yet this wasn’t mentioned in the report.

In the current economic climate I don’t feel that your report is in any way helpful to those trying to sell their houses.

While I appreciate and approve that this data is published in the public domain, it should be treated with caution and analysed appropriately and not used as sensationalist statistics for a inflammatory headline to sell a local newspaper.

Mr D. Neill

Brampton Road