What chance have ‘old folk’?

WHEN Stagecoach took the mantle from Eastbourne Buses, they should have continued with the installation of GPS (Global Positioning System) on their remaining buses, including the 98 and the 99.

I suggested this some time ago, especially for the evening buses which are one per hour in each direction in order to let passengers know exactly what time the bus will be.

This would also have meant that the information boards at certain points in town wouldn’t have to have all the new bus times input on the boards in regards to the new timetable changes. It would have all been done automatically.

Also, although I have a reputation for being an insufferable clever-clogs (or words to that effect) – it took me about 10 minutes to decipher the gobbledegook which passes for the timetable as for the 1, 1A, 1X with regard to the Willingdon Trees/Hamlands area.

What chance have old folk in understanding that claptrap?

However, in praise of Stagecoach, I must congratulate them on a sterling job in organising an emergency skeleton service in the heavy snows on Thursday.

Although not Southern’s fault, it took the best part of the day to clear the railways, but Stagecoach forged ahead in sometimes treacherous conditions, so good-egg on that score!

Dave Poole

Penhurst Close