What are we breathing in in Eastbourne?


From: Jean Crew

St Johns Drive, Westham

astbourne Borough Council has been putting up smart new signs at approaches to Eastbourne saying “Eastbourne, Breathe it in, Welcome to the Sunshine Coast.”

It would be interesting to know how much money has been wasted on these signs, when the money could be much better spent elsewhere.

One example would be the public conveniences at the Wish Tower, which I had the misfortune to visit recently.

They are really old, in a truly abysmal state and sorely in need of refurbishment, as are the facilities at the Redoubt, and the facilities below the pier are no better.

I am sure that visitors to Eastbourne would prefer to have decent public toilet facilities rather than these unnecessary signs.

What are we being asked to ‘breathe in’ anyway? Mainly petrol and diesel fumes, with the ever-increasing amount of traffic in Eastbourne!