What are the Highways department up to?

I am seriously beginning to wonder what planet East Sussex Highways Department inhabits.

Apart from I understand not publicly advertising a two-day closure of the A259 between East Dean and Friston for resurfacing over the weekend of February 16/17, causing extensive delays to traffic between Seaford and Eastbourne, they have displayed an extraordinary neglect of the busy Blatchington Road in Seaford, which accesses commercial firms, the Trek Club, the Bowling Club and the temporary Seaford library.

The Committee of the Friends of Seaford Library of which I am a member, felt sufficiently concerned about the appalling surface of the road to contact the Highways Department early last year, after the temporary library had opened on the old Elm Court site.

Some months later, an elaborate contraption appeared whose purpose seemed to be to bang a series of dents into the road surface on a grid pattern.

This at least succeeded in identifying a drain cover (which fractured) that on a previous Highways “work session” had been completely covered over with tarmac!

Having performed this work months ago Highways Department now seems to have forgotten the existence of Blatchington Road entirely.

The result? Every single indentation made by the Highways machinery has now degenerated over the winter into a further pothole. At this rate there will be no tarmac surface on this stretch of road at all.

Can someone please explain to us what on earth ESCC Highways Department are up to?

I thought their task was to eliminate potholes, not to create them en mass.

BOB BROWN, Ringmer Road