What about the Seaford patients?

IT HAS been reported the chief executive of the DGH at Eastbourne warned people they might have to travel to Hastings for treatment.

The head of the Save the DGH Campaign asked, “Does Mr Grayson realise how difficult it is for people to travel out of their local area (in Eastbourne) to a hospital just over an hour away – and what about an emergency?”

Of course the threat is even more serious for Seaford residents. For those who do not drive, or cannot drive while they are ill, the journey by public transport from the centre of Seaford to the Conquest Hospital in Hastings starting by bus and continuing by train is a minimum of 80 minutes, and starting by train is minimum of 100 minutes.

Allowing extra time for possible delays and making connections pushes the time up to two hours or more each way. A return journey by taxi costs about £90.

Some patients are now able to attend Lewes, Brighton and Haywards Heath hospitals.

These are more accessible than Hastings, but the disadvantage is that consultants at those hospitals do not have online access to patient records held at Seaford surgeries, and sometimes patients have to be called in for another visit after the information has been provided.


Wilkinson Way, Seaford