What about the pension deficit?

I WISH to reply to to the letter printed in the Herald on June 8 from Dorothy Forsyth.

The local government workforce needs to wake up regarding the financial situation of this country at the moment.

Nowhere in her letter does she mention about the £56 billion pound deficit in the local government pension scheme.

Local government workforce will have to pay a greater percentage into their pension scheme because of the deficit or it will have to be closed like many in the private sector.

Many council tax payers would like the chance of having an occupation pension and would be willing to pay for it. Many others who did have a pension scheme have had it closed down.

Tom McPhail, head of pensions research at the financial advisers Hargreaves Lansdown, said, local authorities are coming under pressure to raise the council tax to fund their pension schemes.

The taxpayers alliance will make sure that council tax will be used for in the future elections.

The other alternative is for central government to ring fence the council tax to prevent it going into the pension scheme.

No longer can local government workforce expect council tax payers to pay for the deficit. “You want it, You pay for it”.


Faygate Road