What about a bike rental system?

I am delighted to hear that the centre of Eastbourne is in line for a ‘make over’.

I believe that it has been a swings and roundabouts situation with the town.

Shops closing down means fewer customers visiting the town to shop, and investment with new retailers involved is vital for the town to recover, in order to make the town centre an pleasant place to visit during the daytime.

Another thought has crossed my mind, having noticed that there is now a new cycle shed outside the town library, I assume, for library staff.

I know that the seafront of Eastbourne is due to get a new cycle path, and I sincerely hope that this will suit both pedestrians as well as cyclists.

However, as in various other towns in the UK and abroad, there could be a cycle rental system for the town, with unmanned bases all over the area from the town centre, out to Sovereign Harbour, up on Beachy Head, along to Birling Gap, and thence onto Exceat and even Seaford, which could benefit from more custom.

Cycles are rented on a money slot basis (or even credit or bike hire cards?), and then left secured at various unmanned bases in the area, according to the users’ needs.

I have to say that the coffee shops sprouting up in the town selling very decent coffee, is great, and the town could even become the coffee/cycle capital of the south?

Jill Hill,