What a performance by South East Water

I would like to congratulate SE Water on their magnificent performance in repairing a water leak on the green outside 238-244 Sevenoaks Road.

The leak was reported on August 6 or before having been evident to me for at least 10 days.

The water company’s staff made a judgement that the flooding on the green was a minor matter and despite repeated requests for action from many locals affected by the problems caused by the leak, no positive action was taken until the 9th September.

This was after three visits from their technical staff to assess the situation. By the time the contractors finally started repair work, the minor leak had flooded the nearby footpath and a large area of the green making the footpath impossible.

The repair work necessitated digging a big hole and a trench in a front garden together with the need for a prolonged session of pumping water from the excavation, goodness knows how much water has been lost and this was a minor leak!

What a performance it just shows how impotent OFWAT are with regards to regulating water companies’ leakage repairs.


Kingfisher Drive.