Well done to the tea chalet

I WOULD like to wave the flag for one on the town’s best places to eat, drink and pass the time of day overlooking the sea.

Holywell Tea Chalet at the Western end of the prom is THE ideal place to tarry a while and relax; walk, take the Dotto in season, skate, board or just plain amble, but do get there.

Now that the Wish Tower has closed its doors (and, in my opinion, not before time!) the tea chalet, under the new management of Richard and his very attentive and helpful staff, is the place to have breakfast, lunch or just a cup of tea.

The best scones in town, ditto toasted tea cakes, ditto Eccles cakes.

There are many excellent places serving the good people of the town and our very necessary tourist trade (especially out of season) and when one is found, it should be shouted from the clifftops and, where else but in the paper.

Well done for supporting Eastbourne.


Park Avenue.