Welcome funds - but more needed

ON July 27 you published an article about a carers charity receiving a ‘huge funding boost’.

I would like to follow this article up by saying that even though the charity ‘Care for the Carers’ is extremely gratefully to have received this injection of cash they still need much more funding to enable them to continue running their services.

These services are invaluable as they provide much help and support to its users, especially the younger carers.

I have seen first hand how much of a difference the Young Carers service makes to children having to care for a sick relative.

They provide counselling services, clubs, family holidays, social outings, activities and much more.

This service enables the young carer to express their feelings in confidence which relieves some of their stress and worries. It also allows them to do activities which they may otherwise not have been able to do.

It is very important to look after the children who take on the role of a carer. However, without more funding this kind of service may have to stop.

So even though funding was given to Care for the Carers they still have to find more money on top to enable them to continue supporting the unpaid carers of East Sussex.

With a little generosity, support and sponsorship from other organisations, local businesses or even the general public, Care for the Carers could give so much more to its users and even provide extra support workers in the future.

It’s a worthwhile cause and needs more local support and publicity.

Karen Lowles

Cradle Hill Road, Seaford