Wealden website very confusing

TO ANSWER Paul Lovatt Smith’s letter regarding the housing development in Wealden, it’s a fine idea, however the practicals are harder to launch a complaint.

1.There are still a lot of people that do not have access to a PC (a lot of rural areas do not have a library).

2.The Wealden website is very confusing, and difficult to locate to comment or complain, maybe deliberately!

The letter issued to residents living near Hindslands (an area earmarked for development) is confusing to say the least.

Does anyone know what a ‘Errata, the proposed submission core strategy’ really is, it sounds very painful!. Things need to be simplified, using plain English, not legal jargon.

If they really wanted to be democratic, the best way would be to have public meeting in all those areas, making sure in good time, and using there access to the vast banks of the media, to tell people where and when. This is development by the backdoor.

Ian Turner

Prideaux Road