Wealden look after toilets

I refer to the letter in the Gazette on April 2 from Jan Whiting regarding the possible closure of the toilets in the High Street at Polegate.

Just to clarify, the toilets are actually owned and maintained by Wealden District Council not Polegate Town Council. Polegate Town Council have public toilets which they maintain at Wannock Road, within the War Memorial Recreation Ground.

The toilets at the Council Offices are for the staff and are not separated into male/female and disabled although can cater for all, however the office is only open 9am - 1pm, Monday to Friday so it would not really help in providing facilities to the general public.

However, I heard yesterday from a gentleman who had handed in a petition to Wealden from over 1,100 residents.

I would respectfully suggest to Jan Whiting and anyone else interested in this possible closure that they first read the Wealden District Council website or contact them to find out why they wish to close some toilets, and a possible timescale, and secondly to look on the Polegate Town Council website to read the latest update on the situation.

It is a worry to a lot of people but I felt I must point out it is not Polegate Town Council leading the potential closure, they are actually working very hard to find a solution.


Hailsham Road.