We were happy with the care to my father-in-law

The description of the Coppice Court home in Eastbourne by Mrs Allen (Eastbourne Gazette, August 13) has been a real surprise to us as my father in law has been there for nearly a year now and our experiences (we have seen him there practically every day) and impressions have been indeed very positive.

We are happy to say that after having done some research for a home in the Eastbourne area before we have found the ideal home for him (he is 89 years old with clear signs of severe dementia) in Coppice Court.

All the staff there have on every single day shown him and all the other residents a very attentive and loving care and he himself has shown us that he is and has been all the time happy there.

So when for instance there had been occasionally the need to call a doctor the staff has done that even before we had asked them to do so.

Of course I do not know the details of Mrs Allen’s mother’s stay there and I am sorry for their bad experience but this should in our opinion not be taken as a true picture of the care in the Coppice Court home which to our opinion has been excellent.

I did want to express this clearly because such an article in a paper based on an individual opinion can show very negative effects on the staff, the management as well as on people in the public looking for a suitable home for a family member.


Willingdon Court,