We were all young once

TWO things to have a rant about: firstly you asked for our opinions on the lions being placed on the roundabout near the Soveriegn Centre.

Well, we live just down the road and think they are blimming lovely and make us smile each time we pass them.

Having seeing the Lions before, in-situ outside the farm in Pevensey, we read with disbelief when people complained....er, they were basically in the middle of nowhere and on private property and looked fab!

I am absolutely thrilled - the narrow-minded people who protested are now faced with these lovely Lions on the roundabout! Talk about shooting yourselves in the foot; now, even more people can see them which is brilliant!

Living in Eastbourne I also like seagulls, Airbourne and the students coming to our town each year - but my second rant is that I think that a skatepark in Manor Gardens will be great!

We live near the seafront and it’s amazing watching what the kids can do on the skateboards and bikes. It should be applauded not moaned at.

For goodness sake, one minute you complain that kids don’t get out and about and away from their computer games (and yes, I have been a mum to a son who used to be connected to his computer day and night) and then you all moan if a facility is built near YOU to get them out of their bedrooms.

These things have to be built somewhere so get over it or put your own money towards an alternative...not all teenagers are anti-social and we all were young once, remember that.

Have a lovely rest of the summer folks.

Sarah Tomey

(aged 47 and three quarters)

Beach Road