We should all be allowed to use the prom

Over the past few weeks, I have been studying the Herald over the complaints regarding cyclists.

I also feel strongly for the safety of minors and the Eastbourne community but have decided after much thought that people’s health may also come into consideration.

My father suffers from mild emphysema and is not able to run, so cycling is his only chance of keeping fit.

I believe that if the Eastbourne Borough Council would consider a cycle lane along or above the prom everybody would feel happier and safer.

Why should some people be allowed to use the seafront and some not as I believe we are a community?

We are all residents and should have the right to use the facilities.

Maybe, one idea would be to have set times, as when he cycles in the morning before work there are no complaints as there are only the early birds about.

JAMIE SAYERS, 14, Queens Road.