We’re working to repair the water leaks

I write in response to the letter “What a performance by South East Water” published recently.

We were concerned to see we had not met our usual high standards expected by our customers with repairing this leak.

We usually complete non-urgent repairs to reported leaks within seven days and therefore wanted to thank K V Allbeury for bringing this to our attention.

Having investigated what went wrong in this case, a simple error with documenting the findings of our initial investigation caused us to provide a slow response with our repairs.

Unfortunately, when a subsequent leak appeared shortly afterwards, we mistakenly logged the wrong information causing further confusion.

We to apologise to this customer for the inconvenience this has caused and thank him for his patience.

Customer service is a priority for South East Water and we are committed to working hard to repair leaks as quickly as possible.


Head of Distribution East, South East Water.