We only have ourselves to blame

I AM writing in answer to your reader C Morgan’s letter of April 8 regarding feral pigeons and a feeding ban.

Apart from volcanoes, all the pollutants on earth arise from the excesses of the human race and not from wildlife which includes pigeons doves and other birds.

For instance, the norovirus becomes active when people fail to wash their hands after visiting the toilet.

The vast amount of rubbish on beaches, streets, parks and woodlands is the by product of the lazy dirty habits of the human race.

Let us not blame wildlife for the disease and filth around us. Rather let us have the honesty to blame ourselves.

I live near a processing plant for human waste and in the warm hot weather the stench from this is quite awful.

Also I have lived in most Mediterranean countries and North Africa where wild birds are netted during migration and roasted for human consumption. This is so sad.

Merle Dubois

Havana Court