We need the best care in our town


From: Monica Corrina-Kavakli

Tideswell Road

When are these suits going to get it?

As with all medical issues, its not simply about treating an illness or an emergency, its about treating the person or persons that are suffering in the best way and in the best place both physically, practically and emotionally.

There are already too many babies stillborn through natural causes and out of anybody’s control, but there are ways of preventing more of them happening and the rates in Eastbourne far exceed what they should be.

Expectant mothers deserve and always have deserved the very best of care and that simply means in a town the size of Eastbourne, that it should have always had full consultant-led maternity.

Childbirth should be a wonderful experience, and for the majority of people it is straight forward, for some of us it isn’t, and for that we deserve the best care on our doorstep.