We need spirit more than ever

Just as Mrs. Hoban says, this country has lost the “get up and go” spirit. With April about to begin, in a winter with no end, we need this spirit more than ever.

Yes, indeed, as Mrs. Hoban claims, teachers should be prepared to bed down at school, when it snows, or, perhaps, in the spare rooms of social housing tenants, targeted by the “bedroom tax”.

Why stop with the pampered teachers, however? Perhaps the police should bed down in their cells, bank managers in their vaults and hospital workers on trolleys in corridors.

The latter would certainly put a stop to all the “sickies” that we are assured NHS employees are always throwing.

What about MPs? Why waste taxpayers’ money on buying them second homes, when they have perfectly comfortable padded benches to sleep on? They fall asleep on them easily enough in the day.

Why, indeed, should employees assume themselves to have a right to a home life away from work, at all? Was that what made this country great, in the Victorian era?

No, it was the spirit that saw factory workers sleeping under their machines! Those who let this spirit die must have been all fools.


Hawks Road.