We need quieter and safer streets

Several towns have implemented a 20mph speed limit for all residential roads, including Portsmouth, Oxford, and Warrington.

It has been found that these measures led to cars using 12 per cent less fuel, less congestion, fewer accidents, less noise and pollution and a reduction in the school run problem.

Streets full of walkers, cyclists, families, and wheelchair-users are safer, cleaner, friendlier streets. Well demarcated seafront cycle paths work well on many other seaside town promenades and along our own eastern promenade.

Cross Levels Way, Shinewater Park and the Cuckoo Trail are other shared paths that work well for all users, from pedestrians, joggers, dogs and their owners, horseriders, families with pushchairs and toddlers, wheelchair and mobility scooter users to cyclists.

In the council’s consultations on cycling in October 2010 and June 2011, the majority of respondents were in favour of a shared cycle route along the seafront, and in favour of a cycle route between the station and Langney roundabout. Thousands of people have also recently signed a petition supporting this.

The proposed changes to the town centre are an ideal opportunity to make Eastbourne quieter, safer, and cleaner.

Janice Vango

Tovey Close