We must try to keep our libraries

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I HAVE been a member of an Eastbourne library since I was six, I am now 70.

I was lucky enough to live close by the now defunct Seaside library, in Firle Road.

My family were unable to buy books – but encouraged me to borrow books.

I was always at the library and without the wonder of books my education would be sadly lacking.

Even with the invention of such devices like the Kindle etc I really think there is something about actually reading an actual book.

Without the lovely Langney library my life would be very dull, as I cannot afford to buy many books, and to be able to have such a choice as the library offers is great.

I have encouraged both my children to read as much as possible, and my daughter actually now works in publishing.

Please, please let us try and keep our wonderful library services open, for us oldies and perhaps for the next generation!


Blakes Way