We must learn to live in harmony on the seafront

I AM writing to clarify the position of Bespoke, Eastbourne’s cycle campaign group about the seafront.

Many will remember that we wrote in October 2010 stating it would be safer and nicer to have the seafront cycle route along the middle promenade.

We are, however, aware that funds are short. We have accepted that a seafront cycle route on the pavement is the best we may get for now and we support this.

Other seaside towns have managed to live in harmony.

If traffic-free routes are provided, they should have safe speed limits similar to other places with high footfall.

Bespoke believes that everyone has the right to travel safely around Eastbourne whether they are in a car, on a bicycle, walking or using a mobility scooter.

It is important that the town can move forward now to improve the safety of and provision for cycling across Eastbourne.

People who cycle improve their physical health and save petrol costs. This has economic benefits for the rest of the town and reduces traffic congestion.

Scarlett McNally

Arlington Road