We must fight for maternity services

I AM recently home from hospital having given birth to my daughter on October 11. Like many concerned people living in the area, I am aware of the threats facing our local maternity services, threats which MP Stephen Lloyd has been fighting against, specifically at the recent Save the DGH demonstration.

Having heard horror stories of women made to travel to another hospital while in various extreme stages of labour because no bed was available at the DGH, I was naturally extra anxious as my own baby’s birth drew near that I would be one of those women.

The thought of labour terrified me enough as it was. I didn’t welcome any additional stress and drama into the equation.

As it was, my contractions were fast and strong from the outset. I arrived at the hospital in active labour. There simply would not have been time for me to get to a hospital that wasn’t local.

My daughter would have been born in the back of a taxi!

I was admitted to the delivery unit at the DGH in the early hours of October 11 and I absolutely cannot fault the care I received there.

Yes, the birth was frightening and immensely painful, as births generally are, but I was allocated a midwife who was the epitome of understanding and support.

Everyone who cared for me and my newborn daughter from the early hours until I went home that evening were wonderful.

We need to continue to fight to retain maternity services in Eastbourne. I am so thankful Stephen Lloyd is on side to do just that. I am also especially thankful to the hospital staff who got me through (just!) the birth of my child.


Magdalen Close