We’ll not forget you chose to ignore us

WITH sadness I read Annemarie Field’s report that, despite the protests of many residents, this foolishly-led Liberal Democrat Council is to embark on a construction of vanity that will destroy for all times the tranquillity of the Manor Gardens.

Well done, Eastbourne’s Mayor Carolyn Heaps - the memory of your Mayoralty will forever be associated with the destruction of what is for many a loved and cherished place.

We will not forget you and your team chose to ignore the uproar when the majority of residents and protesters pleaded for the skate park to be situated elsewhere.

The plans, which is claimed received ‘unanimous backing’, were approved by a planning committee consisting of five Liberal Democrat councillors who represent Old Town, St Anthony’s, Hampden Park and Langney who voted for the proposal and one Conservative, for Sovereign, who voted against.

Note there was not one representative of Upperton Ward - where it is to be built - on the planning committee, a situation which became all too laughingly obvious to those present, of their ignorance of Manor Gardens when several members of the planning committee, following the party line claimed ‘they had visited Gildredge Park’ and thought it a ‘fine idea’.

The claim it will be built for £85,000 lottery money is nonsense. The cost is more likely to be £200,000 and I have to ask where does the balance come from?

However what troubles me most is the niggling feeling this Liberal Democrat monstrosity is being built because of their loss of Upperton Ward at the last election. I would like to think I’m wrong, but I doubt it.


Brightland Road