We have two gems at Old Ben

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I live on an estate called Old Ben Homes. It’s an estate of 40 bungalows and we are very happy due to our wonderful scheme manager Debby Walch, also our estate manager Kevin Hemsley.

They make a great team and go far beyond their allotted duties to make our lives happier. For instance, their time ends at 5 o’clock and if we need help or are ill we have a cord in each room to pull for an ambulance or paramedics.

That’s not good enough for Debby, although she doesn’t live on the site but a few roads away she gets into her car and usually arrives before the medics.

I have known her to come out three times in one night. She also arranges parties or a trip to the theatre in her own time and we all love her and Kevin and would like them to know this.

I am writing because there is so much adverse publicity about the treatment of old people and we would like to say we have two gems.


Valley Rise, Seaford.