We have no problems at all with occasional events

FURTHER to your item in last week’s Herald regarding the proposal for the use of Five Acre Field for various events, we live in Seaside and our house backs onto the field.

Our main concerns about the proposals are of noise.

We have concerns about noise coming from generators running during the night by the circus and fairgrounds, also the noise of hydraulics from fairground rides.

There could also be noise from tannoy systems being used for announcements and live music and noise from cheering crowds during boxing/wrestling matches.

We have no problem with the occasional event being held here but the proposals seem to include a lot of events which will take place throughout the year and our worry is that we’ll have constant noise coming from behind out house.

At the moment when events take place in Princes Park we do hear the tannoy going and the music as the sound carries towards us.

The park is further away than the field and if we can hear it from there we’ll definitely hear it from the field behind us.

So although the council say events will be held away from the houses, the sound will still be heard.

At the moment the field is only used for car parking during occasional events and kite flying during Eastbourne Extreme which we have no problem with.

We always support local events and actively promote the town so are saddened that we feel the need to be concerned about this.

We have written to the council to let them know of our concerns.