We have every sympathy with Eastbourne’s homeless


From: Richard Beech

Tolkien Road

My wife and I wanted to give some support to those sleeping rough, so we were pleased to read the council strategy outlined in the current issue of the Eastbourne View.

However, it appears to be all talk and no do, as the most important item missing was a contact telephone number, for people like ourselves who wish to help.

So a visit to the Information Office in town was called for.

But alas, this was fruitless, because they do not held details of any supporting organisations and advised us to contact the Borough Council.

This again proved a waste of time as they could not help either, and advised us to write to the council giving details of what help we could give and this would be passed to the relevant committee, who would then get back to us with their advice.

Once again this would only waste more time and money.

Fortunately we read the Herald, and help was at hand from Annemarie Field’s article on rough sleeping and from this we thought we would contact a group called Absolute Angels who are doing a wonderful job on limited resources.

However, again this was not easy to make contact, after some research by the Citizens Advice Bureau, we finally made contact, and are now able to give our support to the rough sleepers.

If this is what supporters have to go through to help, we have every sympathy with the rough sleepers, when they are desperate and in need of help.

EBC are talking a lot about Unitary Authority, and having gone through the above my advice would be don’t bother, as you cannot cope with what you are already responsible for.