We deserve better from our politicians

What did I learn today when I watched Prime Minister’s Questions ? Well, the only thing was that at the recent 55th Conservative Winter Ball, a signed portrait of the Prime Minister was auctioned for £100,000.

The rest of the session seemed to be much as before, when asked a question, which is ignored, the PM makes up his own question and answers that.

For example, Ed Miliband asked the PM what would be his answer if someone asked will I worse off in 2015 than I was in 2010 ?

David Cameron replied, “If his question is have you had to take difficult decisions to deal with the deficit, reform welfare and clean up the banks? Then yes, you bet.”

Also Stephen Pound MP asked, asked if he stood to benefit personally from the millionaires’ tax-cut in April.

The PM replied, “I will pay all the taxes that are due in the proper way.”

This seems to be like if a witness in court was asked, “Did you kill that man ?” and the reply was “I don’t like toffee apples”.

This is what happens in the ‘Mother of Parliaments’.

Do you think we deserve better ?

BOB MILTON, Leyland Road.