We deserve better bus signs

I liked your article in last Friday’s Herald and thought that you might like to know the following: the electronic bus signs in Terminus Road have actually been turned off since approximately last May 2012.

At the time I was told by several bus drivers and also by the ticket inspector that the signs had been switched off while they installed the new summer bus times.

Then in July, four bus drivers and the inspector told me that the signs throughout Eastbourne have all been switched off as they were not compatible with the Stagecoach system.

The sign used by Brighton and Hove Buses is nearly always working and does not break down.

Brighton and Hove also use real time times, which are reliable and are going to give us new and nearly new buses throughout Eastbourne.

I have written to Stagecoach several times but not had an answer – Eastbourne deserves better.

P COOPER, Carew Road.